Marketing(create a bidding opportunity or in anticipation of the release of a bidding opportunity)

Identify type of funding needed based on stage of technology development. Identify sources of Federal funding. Setup meetings with the Federal Govt Program Managers. Prepare marketing materials. Attend marketing meetings to help guide discussions. Attend Federal Govt Industry Workshops and Industry Opportunity meetings to seek new opportunities or promote new project ideas. Create consortiums for larger Congressionally supported initiatives.

White Paper/Proposal Development (once a bidding opportunity exists)

Prepare writing templates. Create a win strategy. Contribute to writing. Edit input written by others. Red team. Solicit letters of support from Industry and members of Congress. Indentify partners and subcontractors. Submit. Pre-register applicants for submission.

Program Management (once a contract is awarded)

Support contract negotiations. Support interactions with the Federal Government and primes during the program. Support the creation of follow-on contracts. Develop technology transition agreements.

Technology Scouting

Monitor basic and applied science awards.Monitor SBIR and STTR awards. Monitor analysis of technologies, consumer trends, manufacturing trends, etc. by the Federal Government. Monitor Federal Lab and Acdemic technologies available for licensing. Identify underutilized industry IP.

Technology Commercialization

Create technology/product development roadmaps. Identify supply chain partners. Identify JDA partners. Create marketing plans. Assess competetive technologies. Identify potential military/industry customers. Create technology transition plans. Evaluate IP landscape. Create preferred business models.

Lobbying Support

Projects can often require the expertise of others, especially in the area of Lobbying Congress. Mr. Freitag works with two of the leading results oriented Lobbying firms in Washington, DC: Strategic Marketing Innovations and Innovative Federal Strategies.

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